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Studio Naenna is a community of women weavers, embroiderers, designers and support staff based in Chiang Mai, Thailand, who comprise the women’s group “Weavers For the Environment” (WFE), bringing together craft makers from various ethnic groups to create high quality, environmentally friendly and sustainable products. We aim to encourage pride in traditional techniques and empower women within their villages. Patricia Cheesman, our founder, created a unique system of working that gives the weavers fair-trade returns for their skills as well as the freedom to plan their time to participate in village activities, thus preserving their traditional culture and communities. The designers in turn, have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with the most skilled artists in their field to create internationally acclaimed textiles and garments.

Pat profile 1 copyPatricia Cheesman, renowned textile expert and author of “Lao Tai textiles : The Textiles of Xam Nuea and Muang Phuan” ( link to purchase book) founded Studio Naenna  in 1988.  Her love and passion for textiles led to years of research in the history and identification of indigenous crafts in Thailand and Laos. As Patricia traveled though the region she connected with weavers, starting strong friendships that have continued over the years. In 1985 she was invited to lecture at Chiang Mai University, and built the Main gallery and dye shop of Studio Naenna at the foot of Doi Suthep Mountain, Chiang Mai, where she now calls home. Patricia invited weavers to come together and form the weaving group called “Weavers For the Environment” (WFE)

“Working together with respect for one another and the environment”

Lamorna Portrait cropIn 2001 Lamorna Cheesman, Chiang Mai Creative City Ambassador, became manager of Studio Naenna and has taken it to the next level. Passionate about sustainable fashion, Lamorna has learnt all the complex production techniques of Studio Naenna, studied fashion and pattern making and is leading us into a bright future by connecting us with environment-responsible buyers and designers worldwide.



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